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Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris
Citadines Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris

53 ter, quai des Grands Augustins 75006 Paris, France

Bourdain tells me I’m terrible.

Okay, not exactly in those words, but he says these marathon sprints to as many places as possible are a bad idea. “I want to wander in one city, in one town,” he says.

He makes me feel slightly better when he says this is a mistake everyone makes—creating a hectic schedule of must-see tourist stops. “It’s punishing,” Bourdain says with a grimace. “The sort of frenzied compression of time needed to take the tour, to see the sights, keeps you in a bubble that prevents you from having magic happen to you. Nothing unexpected or wonderful is likely to happen if you have an itinerary in Paris filled with the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.”

The immediate upside to limiting yourself to visiting just one city during a vacation is that it’s much easier on your budget. No additional train or plane tickets. Not as many hefty museum fees that make you cringe.

All those admission fees alone set me back almost $250 during my whirlwind through Scandinavia and the Netherlands. And those fancy cocktails—at $22 apiece, I felt like I was being robbed, and not in the ways my mother had in mind.

“Drink prices are stratospheric, particularly in Europe,” Bourdain says, twisting the knife a bit deeper.

Anthony Bourdain and chef Masa Takayama sample oysters in the streets of Kanazawa, Japan.
courtesy of CNN

Think about the last time you booked a trip. How many hours did you spend comparing reviews on TripAdvisor and scanning menus of the top five restaurants based on star ratings and customer complaints? Yeah, me too. (For the record, TripAdvisor sends me regular emails touting that I’m in the top one percent of reviewers in New York. The one percent!)

Bourdain tells me he outlet Manchester latest collections sale online Giuseppe Zanotti Grommet Leather Sandals cheapest price cheap price fzHEeI2F8G
. “I don’t see them as reliable, because you don’t know what people’s priorities are,” he says.

Alternatively, Bourdain recommends a tactic he likes to call “provoking nerd fury.” It’s a bit out of the box, but genius. It goes like this: If you want restaurant recommendations for, say, Rome, go to a foodie website like Eat Your World or even Chowhound—one with a comments section or a message board. Create a post saying, “Just got back from Rome” (even though this is blatantly untrue), and write that you just returned and ate the best Italian food you’ve ever had in your life at such and such a restaurant (pick one at random).

“The torrent of informative abuse that will come your way from people who want to tell you how stupid, witless, and uninformed you are will be very instructive. It will, of course, mention the tiny little place, the tiny little trattoria ristorante that they experienced,” Bourdain tells me.

In the ensuing tumult, a consensus will emerge.

If between 10 and 12 nerds all agree that one particular place is fascinating—go there. Plus, some advanced planning can help you stick to your budget, especially when it comes to high-end eateries. If there’s a particular restaurant you’re interested in, check out its menu online before you go. That way, instead of blowing your budget on a really expensive dinner, you can grab lunch.

Wednesday, Jan 31 2018 11 a.m. (ET)

Are Supplements Nutritional Nonsense?


If the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl this year, we’ll hear a number of reasons why. Maybe they practiced harder. Maybe they ran better plays. Or maybe quarterback Tom Brady’s nutrition was key.

Brady’s TB12 program emphasizes diet, exercise and a number of health claims best described as “unsubstantiated.”

Whether or not they’re trying to play professional football after age 40, more than 170 million Americans take dietary supplements .

But is it all a waste of money? Research on supplements deflates some of their lofty health claims . And these claims can be perilously opaque. As the University of California, Berkeley, notes :

Sometimes, the labels aren’t even accurate. In 2013, a study found that many healing herb pills were filled with “powdered rice and weeds.”

That’s not to say it’s all junk, though. The frequency of outlet store for sale Christian Louboutin Metallic PeepToe Booties sale purchase k7QqJG
shows that there’s some interest in finding the truth. But… what do we know now, and how can it help us make smarter decisions about what we’re buying and taking?

• A label can say “helps improve your mood” but can’t say “reduces depression.” • It can say “maintains a healthy circulatory system” but not “prevents cardiovascular disease.” • It can say “maintains cholesterol in a healthy range” but not “lowers cholesterol.” • It can say “supports the immune system” but not “helps prevent colds and flu.”


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Friday, Jul 06 2018 Immigration, trade, and, of course, soccer dominated the headlines this week.

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Friday, Jul 06 2018 The July 4th holiday took a day out of the workweek, but the news didn't stop.

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Thursday, Jul 05 2018 Smith is using her platform to have a unique, intergenerational conversation with her daughter, Willow, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones.

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Thursday, Jul 05 2018 Many adults follow his advice. What does he have to say for kids?


Getting the regex just right can be tricky, so to help you sort out a suitable expression there is a test dialog which allows you to enter an expression and then type in filenames to test it against. Start it from the command prompt using the command TortoiseGitProc.exe /command:autotexttest .

You can re-use previously entered log messages. Just use the command Context Menu Paste Recent messages to view a list of the last few messages you entered for this working tree. The number of stored messages can be customized in the TortoiseGit settings dialog.

The log message window also includes a commit message snippet facility. These snippets are shown in the autocomplete dropdown once you type a snippet shortcut, and selecting the snippet in the autocomplete dropdown then inserts the full text of the snippet. The snippets supplied with TortoiseGit are held in the TortoiseGit installation bin folder. You can also define your own snippets and store them in %APPDATA%\TortoiseGit\snippet.txt . # is the comment character. Use escape sequences \t , \r , \n , and \\ .

You can add your name and email address to the end of the log message by clicking Add Signed-off-by .

You can clear all stored commit messages from the Saved data page of TortoiseGit's settings, or you can clear individual messages from within the Recent messages dialog using the Delete key.


If you want to include the checked paths in your log message, you can use the command Context Menu Paste filename list in the edit control.

Another way to insert the paths into the log message is to simply drag the files from the file list onto the edit control.

Using keyboard

You can access the OK button from keyboard by pressing Ctrl+return .

Integration with Bug Tracking Tools

If you have activated the bug tracking system, you can set one or more Issues in the Bug-ID / Issue-Nr: text box. Multiple issues should be comma separated. Alternatively, if you are using regex-based bug tracking support, just add your issue references as part of the log message. Learn more in the section called “Integration with Bug Tracking Systems / Issue Trackers” .

Adjust the size of message text box

Move your mouse to the gap between "Message" group box and "Changes made" group box, then drag the separator.

Commit to a new branch

If you want to commit to a fresh branch (based on the current branch), you can check the new branch checkbox and enter a branch name in the displayed textbox.

Commit multiple times in a row and directly pushing changes

The main button Commit has a drop-down menu. There are the options ReCommit and Commit push . The option ReCommit commits your changes and leaves the Commit dialog open, so that you can continue committing. The last option Commit push will commit your changes and immediately push your changes. If no remote tracking branch is configured for the current active branch, the push dialolg (cf. Rebecca Minkoff Laser Cut Platform Pumps fast delivery for sale explore sale online discount fast delivery discount cheap online mbF1JTB1
) is opened.

Commit Progress

After pressing Commit , a dialog appears displaying the progress of the commit.

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