cheverny castle

You may have heard from the famous French castles of the Loire Valley region. Known worldwide for their historical interest and surprisingly good preservation. The Cheverny Castle has much more than a royal external view to offer. The inside of this 17th century monument is full of gorgeous furniture that managed to remain in a really good state through the centuries, and that’s counting without the Tintin Museum. Icing on the cake, there are as many activities to do outside.

One of the most gracious Loire Valley castles

The gardens of the property are classified under 4 specific themes. The first one is the vegetable garden, that you will find opposite the trophy. With its wide range of flowers and vegetables, the scents are as good as the colours mix. More formal and structured, the apprentice’s garden is the first you will get to see if you happen to visit Cheverny Castle. It’s French gardening techniques proudly embellish the main entrance. Brightly coloured and immense, the Tulip garden will take you on a full five senses experience along its path. And for the most adventurous of the visitors, the Maze challenges you to defeat its twisted route.


And last but not least, the Park is ready to welcome you at any time. Faded in autumn, radiant in the summer and blooming in the spring, you can come at any period in the year, the experience will be different every time. Its bewitching sights and ambiance will take you right in the middle of a fairy tale.

A former lair of hunters

As the domain also has a past with hunting, it kept the kennels as an attraction where you still find hounds. Over a hundred adorable franco-english dogs still live there, crossbred with English fox and French poitevins. Founded in 1850, the kennels had heavy restoration and now respects active regulations in terms of animal welfare, environment respect and public health.


For kids (or even adults, after all why not), there are regularly representations of the dogs’ public feeding. But please note that this only happens between the 15th of September and the 31st of March, and not every day. To make sure the feeding is programmed, the best way is to call and reserve for it. And if you’re an inspired person, you are allowed to name one of the pack’s dog. You need to respect the letter of the year, which is currently M. You may then come back a few years later and see how the dog you named grew up.

History happened in Cheverny Castle

This castle was actually so inspiring that the famous comics author Hergé used it. If you saw some pictures of the castle, it may have rung a bell to you, but you wouldn’t know why. This castle is the one where the Moulinsart castle originates from. Captain Hadoque will meet you down the Marlinspike Hall of the Tintin Museum, to take you directly into the famous comic’s universe. The various rooms will all look familiar to the fans of Tintin’s adventures, as most of them appeared at some point in the stories. Some exclusive rooms that were never mentioned in the comics are also open to visits : Professor Tournesol’s Laboratory and Tintin’s bedroom.

Created in cooperation with the Hergé foundation, the exhibition of the Tintin Museum covers 700m². It will show some of the costumes the heroes had the chance to wear, and, of course, a lot of references to specific scenes in the comics that will remind the experts good memories. Unique in Europe, this exhibition is the climax of the visit of the Cheverny Castle.