All You Need to Know about Preparing a Corsica Sail Cruise

Corsica is home to special and unique coasts that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime Thanks to its steady wind, wonderful landscapes, creeks and its numerous anchorages, the beautiful island has become a top destination in the summertime.

Spending a couple of weeks on a cozy sailboat for an unforgettable trip in one of the most stunning French regions is tempting, isn’t? The sun, the soft smell of the sea and all the things that make you dream of the best Mediterranean cruise vacation ever will be waiting for you.  However, you may keep wondering how to well prepare a sail cruise, particularly in this magnificent part of the world.  

When to Go on a Corsica Sail Cruise?

For a successful and satisfying trip, chose the summer. In other words, July and August are the perfect months for Mediterranean cruises. None the less, if you want to avoid getting gridlocked with other tourists from every corner of the world, prefer autumn or spring times.

The temperature remains pleasant enough during those periods. And as far as the duration is concerned, you must count at least two weeks to realize a complete tour around the island. But anyway, if you do not have enough time, you still can think about visiting the West and South coasts during your cruise travel. The East part of Corsica is less appreciated by sailing lovers.  

What about the Prices and the Itineraries?

For a classic yacht charter Corsica, the prices are on average between 1 500 and 2 100 euros per person for an entire tour on a quality sailboat with a skipper. Speaking of which, a professional skipper is not mandatory but can be very helpful if you are not autonomous on board a sailboat and do not have the requisite knowledge to prepare the navigation (mapmaking, plotting,..). The skipper is an experienced sailor ensuring everything on board is running smooth. He can also teach you the basics of his job if you want.

About the itineraries, here is an example of a two weeks Corsica sail cruise departing from Bonifacio. In the first week, you can spend the very first night in Bonifacio’s surroundings, and then set out for the Roccapina Cove and Campomoro Bay where you can swim in some inlets, visit interesting monuments, walk along welcoming streets, discover the local cultures and spend the nights at anchor. On the island’s West shore: Ajaccio, the Sagone Bay, Arone Beach, the Gulf of Porto, the nature reserve of Scandola and the Calvi Bay  are just waiting to be visited.

For the weekend, you can sail towards Saint Florent to find out the wonderful Northern Coast of Corsica. In the second week, halfway through the journey in this fantastic French island, it’s time to reach the Corsica Cape and discover the famous island of Elba before heading to Pinarellu. Hiking, swimming and many other activities can also be practiced on the way to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. Then, you can get your way back to Bonifaccio by stopping at the Gulf of Sant'amanza, the Gulf of Santa Giulia, the Maddalena Archipelago, the Lavezzi Islands and the Gulf of Sperone.  

What to pack?

One important thing when preparing a trip is picking the right things to bring with you. If you are planning a sail cruise in Corsica during the summertime, the first items to pack are your favorite swimsuits, sunscreen lotion, hat and your most protecting sunglasses. For the shoes, if flip-flops are your best friends on the beach, comfortable yachting shoes are way better on the sailboat.

These special shoes will ensure maximum security while you sail along Corsica seas and they dry quickly. It is important for you will often get in contact with water during your sail cruise. It is same for the clothes and the outfits pack things which are not sensitive to moisture or to salt. For a better protection, put them in waterproof plastic pouches.   There is an art to preparing a Corsica sail cruise and here is the list of the main things you will really have to take with you:

  • comfy sailor trousers
  • a short
  • a warm sweater
  • a rain jacket (just in case)
  • some non humidity-sensitive clothes
  • a short-sleeve shirt made of breathable fabric
  • yachting shoes
  • a swimsuit
  • a flexible and water-resistant travel bag to arrange all your things
  • big airtight pouches
  • quality sunscreen lotion and protective lip balm (the effect of the sun is higher on water even when it’s cloudy)
  • sunglasses, a cap or a large hat
  • a flashlight
  • a first-aid kit
  • your cell phone and its charger
  • a sleeping bag and sheets

Now, you are ready for a unique adventure in Corsica, aboard your chosen sailboat. Enjoy your travel in the best possible way. But last step before the long-awaited departure: the mental preparation.  Get prepared to encounter idyllic landscapes, turquoise water, a very shining sun, a real scene of paradise!